Addingham Cricket Club Seniors

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Ted Haggas 

Nickname - T Swag

Highest Score - 86 v Kirkstall 1st XI

Best Figures - 6/36 v Follifoot 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - Getting Promoted to Div 1.



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Richard Atkins

Nickname - Rik or George Ezra

Highest Score - 97* v Rawdon 1st XI

Best Figures - 6/44 v Horsforth 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - North Leeds away, always.




Ricky Palacio

Nickname - Barrel

Highest Score - 141 v Woodhouse 1st XI

Best Figures - 6/26 v Rawdon 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - Promotion from Division 3.



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Ben Brearley

Nickname - BJB or Beej

Highest Score - 82 v Leeds Mods 1st XI

Best Figures - 3/21 v Horsforth 3rd XI

Best ACC Memory - Securing promotion to Div 1 away at Tong Park Esholt.



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Will Atkins

Nickname - Besty

Highest Score - 110 v Guiseley 1st XI

Best Figures - 4/38 v Skipton 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - Witnessing Steve Kuhl's 103 not out.




Rory Stead

Nickname - Various... Mr Whippy, Disco Nips, Trev to name a few! Preferably known as Rozzer.

Highest Score - 107 v Skipton 2nd XI

Best Figures - 5/21 v Hall Park 2nd XI

Best ACC Memory - Promotion from 2nd to 1st Div. Particularly satisfying given our long history of being in Div 3 struggling for players!



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Jack DeAth

Nickname - Papi

Highest Score - 65 v Menston 2nd XI

Best Figures - 6/24 v Follifoot 2nd XI

Best ACC Memory - Promotion from Div 2 with the 1st XI. Then winning the league with the 2nd XI the year after.



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Robert Ellis

Nickname - Elvis

Highest Score - 92 v Bolton Villas 1st XI

Best Figures - 6/39 v Skipton 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - Promotion to the 1st Div.



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Danny Ellis

Nickname - Dink

Highest Score - 93* v Burley in Wharfedale 1st XI

Best Figures - 4/37 v Kirkstall 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - Holding the highest league 8th wicket partnership with Rob Ellis.





Nickname - 

Highest Score - 

Best Figures - 

Best ACC Memory - 



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Sam Brearley

Nickname - Nasser

Highest Score - 41 v Steeton 2nd XI

Best Figures - 7/25 v Bardesy 2nd XI

Best ACC Memory - Getting promoted from the B Div to A Div.



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Ed Croft

Nickname - Crofty

Highest Score - 70* v St Chads 2nd XI

Best Figures - 6/31 v St Chads 2nd XI

Best ACC Memory - Winning the league with the Under 15's.




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Nick Thornton

Nickname - Swinny

Highest Score - 110 v Pool 1st XI

Best Figures - 2/28 v Illingworth 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - 1st season at ACC staying up in Div B, it was a blur!!



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Steve Kuhl

Nickname - Wheelie Bin

Highest Score - 103* v Menston 2nd XI

Best Figures - 7/35 v Menston 2nd XI

Best ACC Memory - Div C Champions in 2015.



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Darrell Robinson

Nickname - Dasher, D, Daz

Highest Score - 186* v Menston 1st XI

Best Figures - 4/29 v Streethouses, Area Final, Village Cup

Best ACC Memory - Captaining Div B Champions in 1993.



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JH Johnson

Nickname - Jayyy

Highest Score - 185 v Menston 1st XI

Best Figures - 3/20 v Silsden 1st XI

Best ACC Memory - Getting promoted from Div C.